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Statutory and Voluntary Sectors

Working with complex caseloads can and does affect the well being of professionals supporting clients who have experienced trauma (Cummings, Singer et al. 2018). Research has shown that client facing workers can respond with similar symptoms to those of their clients (Coles, Astbury et al. 2014). This phenomena has been described using several terms; vicarious trauma, compassion fatigue, burn out, emotional contagion, shared trauma. Your staff members are often your most valuable asset and as your organisation provides essential services to your local community, they are key to your continuing success. Researchers (Bloom 2003) argue that the first step for organisations towards managing vicarious trauma is to recognise that is exists and to implement measures to support your team. The Sexual Violence Research Initiative have published guidelines for the prevention and management of vicarious trauma stating that regular and structured supervision is of substantial benefit to those working with and alongside traumatised clients.

Counselling and Coaching

Life can and does throw us into situations which are not always expected and or wanted. We can find ourselves struggling with these, feeling lost and alone in trying to find our way through it. Counselling and coaching at Solution Focus Services offers you a guided approach in order to enable you to find the answers which will work best for you. Sessions last up to an hour and can be booked in advance by phoning or emailing. We will book an assessment with you, where your concerns and requirements can be looked at with a view to formulating, collaboratively how you would like your sessions to proceed and what you would like to achieve. Our belief is that you have the answers, we just help you to access them.

Supervision for Counsellors and Students, and Training

Whether you are training to become a therapist/counsellor, working towards accreditation, or are fully qualified, supervision with Solution Focus Services offers you a space to reflect on your practice. Supervision will allow exploration of the relationship between you and your clients, to enable a clearer and more focussed formulation of the process occurring. Appointments can be made by either phoning or emailing and we can arrange to meet informally before an agreement to undertake supervision is made. Sessions are normally booked monthly, and depending on what your governing body requires for registration, last between an hour and an hour and a half.

Solution Focus Services offers training to all organisations looking to inform their staff about trauma, it’s effects and how to find ways in which to work with it and how to manage the affects it has on your staff. Training is tailored to your individual needs and can be delivered at your work place. To discuss your training needs call or email and we can arrange a time to meet in order to review what your objectives are.


Using our experience, skills, and belief that you hold the answers, we aim to create a space where solutions are explored in order to achieve those goals you have set out for your business. We can offer;

  • Face to face consultations with individuals and teams, either at your business or at our premises in Southend-on-Sea
  • Highly qualified, well and continuously ┬átrained therapists/coaches who will explore and assess your requirements and facilitate ┬ásolution focussed consultations that are led by your needs and requirements
  • A bespoke service, tailor-made for your business and staff

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